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Our Work

Our work is challenging:

  • Generating electricity through nuclear fission is a highly advanced and complex industrial process that demands constant vigilance and respect.
  • Our role at INPO is to ensure the highest levels of safety and reliability in that process.


Our People

INPO employees:

  • Overwhelmingly list people as one of the things they like best about working at the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations
  • Take great pride in what they do – it’s their professionalism that enables us to meet our mission
  • Advance their skills and expand their capabilities through the professional development opportunities we offer at INPO



Nuclear power provides about 20 percent of our nation’s energy. Helping ensure the safety and reliability of nuclear power plants is important work – not only to the nuclear power industry, but also to our nation as well. INPO employees take pride in their work, and it shows in their dedication to the quality of work they do.



We are united in our pursuit of excellence through a commitment to these values:

  • Impeccable INTEGRITY
  • Influential PEOPLE
  • Unwavering STANDARDS
  • Responsible STEWARDSHIP
  • Innovative IMPROVEMENT


Employee Development

As a recognized leader, the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations has a dedicated staff and significant training budget for developing our employees in their present jobs and preparing them for future roles within INPO and the nuclear power industry. Our honors have included:

  • Learning Leader Award from Bersin & Associates – for our employee development initiatives, including our INPO Leadership & Learning Center
  • Recognition from Learn.com – listing us for having one of the best skill and certification programs within its broad customer-base



INPO is committed to having a workforce that reflects the industry we serve. Our commitment to diversity creates an environment that:

  • Welcomes and respects a wide variety of thought
  • Uses our varied experiences to improve support for the nuclear power industry
  • Provides a more inclusive workplace for our employees


Equal Employment Opportunity

At INPO, we believe that all persons are entitled to equal employment opportunities without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex, veteran status, known disabilities, gender, religion, or any other characteristics protected by law. Consistent with these beliefs, it is our policy to comply with all federal, state, and local laws pertaining to equal employment opportunity.

We base employment decisions on legitimate business needs. We do not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices. This policy applies to all phases of employment, including recruitment, placement, promotion, training, demotion, transfer, termination, rate of pay, employee benefits, and participation in all INPO-sponsored employee activities. INPO expects every employee to follow this policy and to interact and treat others with dignity and respect.


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