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We are seeking a mix of talented professionals – ranging from those just beginning their professional careers to those with significant experience at commercial nuclear power plants.


Candidates for professional level nuclear positions at INPO should have:

  • A bachelor’s degree in engineering or science (or equivalent nuclear plant experience)
  • A desire to grow professionally within the nuclear power industry
  • Ten years commercial nuclear power plant experience
  • Experience as part of a site ERO
  • Experience with implementing INPO Event Report post-Fukushima recommendations
  • Knowledge of FLEX support guidelines, emergency operating procedures and severe accident management guidelines, NRC, NEI and EPRI post-Fukushima requirements and guidelines


  • Works as a member of an evaluation or assistance team
  • Participate as a team lead for Emergency Management review visits associated with Fukushima IERs
  • Work with WANO to establish protocols for interfacing with members of WANO-AC during emergencies
  • Conducts evaluations and provides assistance to nuclear power plants, identifying good operating practices and areas in need of improvement
  • Provides nuclear power plants with objective evaluations of performance, comparing results with industry-developed performance objectives and supporting criteria
  • Travels up to 30 percent of the time to nuclear power plants, some of which may be outside the United States

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