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Our Mission

Our mission at the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) is to promote the highest levels of safety and reliability – to promote excellence – in the operation of commercial nuclear power plants.

We work to achieve our mission by:

  • establishing performance objectives, criteria and guidelines for the nuclear power industry
  • conducting regular detailed evaluations of nuclear power plants
  • providing assistance to help nuclear power plants continually improve their performance


What We Do

The Institute is committed to a long-term strategic design that outlines the ways and means by which it will fulfill its mission through 2023. The strategic design takes into account the current state, the desired end state, and the potential barriers in shaping desired outcomes in three separate but interrelated areas:

  • INPO’s corporate responsibilities
  • U.S. nuclear industry performance
  • International nuclear industry performance

In the execution of its strategic design, INPO conducts a broad spectrum of large-scale operations including those described below:


INPO evaluation teams travel to nuclear electric generating facilities to observe operations, analyze processes, observe plant activities, and ask a lot of questions.

With an intense focus on safety and reliability, our evaluation teams assess the following:

  • knowledge and performance of plant personnel
  • condition of systems and equipment
  • quality of programs and procedures
  • effectiveness of plant management

Additionally, INPO conducts corporate evaluations that are also focused on safety and reliability.

Training and Accreditation

Our National Academy for Nuclear Training provides training and support for nuclear power professionals.

Nuclear professionals from across the United States – and throughout the world – attend training at the INPO facility in Atlanta and take the various online courses INPO offers.

In addition, we evaluate individual plant and utility training programs to identify strengths and weaknesses and recommend improvements. Selected operator and technical training programs are accredited through the independent National Nuclear Accrediting Board.

Events Analysis

INPO assists in reviewing any significant events at nuclear electric generating plants.

Through INPO information exchange and publications, we communicate lessons learned and best practices throughout the nuclear power industry.

Emergency Preparedness and Response

In response to recommendations stemming from the March 2011 Fukushima Daiichi accident, INPO is the lead organization for coordinating industry support during an emergency event. INPO also conducts review and assist visits to ensure emergency preparedness recommendations are implemented successfully throughout the industry.


At the request of individual nuclear electric generating facilities, INPO provides assistance with specific technical or management issues in areas related to plant operation and support.

New Plant Deployment

INPO takes an active role in new plant construction by establishing standards of excellence in construction and deployment. In addition, INPO supports activities related to the development and implementation of small modular reactors.


Our Core Values

We are united in our pursuit of excellence through a commitment to these values:

  • Impeccable INTEGRITY
  • Influential PEOPLE
  • Unwavering STANDARDS
  • Continuous LEARNING


Our History

Established by the nuclear power industry in December 1979, the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations is a not-for-profit organization headquartered in Atlanta.

The Kemeny Commission – which president Jimmy Carter formed to investigate the March 1979 accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant – had recommended the following:

  • The (nuclear power) industry should establish a program that specifies appropriate safety standards including those for management, quality assurance, and operating procedures and practices, and that conducts independent evaluations.
  • There must be a systematic gathering, review and analysis of operating experience at all nuclear power plants, coupled with an industrywide international communications network to facilitate the speedy flow of this information to affected parties.

In addressing those recommendations, the nuclear power industry:

  • established INPO – the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations
  • charged INPO with a mission that we continue to pursue today:
    • To promote the highest levels of safety and reliability – to promote excellence – in the operation of commercial nuclear power plants.


Our Future

Today the U.S. nuclear industry and INPO can be proud of their decades-long partnership. The industry’s record of progress — in virtually every aspect of safety and reliability — demonstrates how much has been achieved since the TMI accident. Performance indicators reflect significant industry progress in many areas.

But while this hard-earned success is well deserved, the special nature of nuclear technology reminds us that our industry is always judged against the highest of standards. We cannot stand still or think we have accomplished enough, especially at a time when our industry is undergoing rapid change.

This is an exciting time to be a part of the nuclear industry and a part of INPO. The industry is poised to begin building new plants. Another change is the increasingly global nature of the nuclear business. Additionally, our newest nuclear professionals — younger and more diverse — bring with them great enthusiasm and a fresh perspective that can benefit INPO and the industry.

INPO is preparing its workforce of the future. Founded in 2008, INPO’s chapter of North American Young Generation in Nuclear provides opportunities for young nuclear professionals at INPO and throughout the industry to participate in knowledge transfer, networking and professional development events.


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